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Collective Consciousness

  Emmanuel abcd 44 comments

Collective perceptions build our narrative about something. Something that is believed or followed by our ancestors or people before us. These collective perceptions are not always true or positive. We, humans, are responsible to test and check if these are positive, true, or good for us. Society is doomed when it follows perceptions that are negative in nature or leave a negative impact on its people. 

The education of children is an example of collective perception. It is believed that the education system is the thing that can tame and guide children for a better future and understanding of their life. But who knows if it's true or not? Maybe the education system we rely on is not correct. It might not have a positive impact on our children. There is a possibility that this perception is false and does not work the way it should.

The health care system is another example; Could the present health care approach be the best approach in providing good and guaranteed health to mankind? No, it is not. COVID-19 has proven to the world that we have a failing healthcare approach. There is more disease now than they were a hundred years ago. There are more mental patients now getting out of control than ever. No cures are taking place in any medical facilities. The world was never like this before. 

Governments are supposed to be resolving the problems of their citizens, improving their lives, and strengthening the economy, health, and longevity of their people, the we have worldwide today are failing the entire world with politics of power. They hold meetings from corridor to the corridor to corridor, discussing power struggles, money, and war. While the world is rotting. 

There are many other examples of collective perceptions that are just perceived and believed but are not tested like the average lifespan of a human being is 60 years to 120 years. But it is just a perception, an assumption that has not been tested by anyone. 

Many years ago it was believed that blacks are meant to be slaves. The slave trade and slavery practices of blacks were accepted and considered normal. There was no one to raise a voice against it. The perception of blacks as they are slaves but later it was proved wrong. According to the Human act, these inhumane practices against blacks were condemned. 

The power of Ashingne helps people to bring out perceptions that have positive effects. People gather knowledge and information from everywhere they live and this is how they build their own perceptions. But no one knows if their collective perceptions are positive for society. With the practice of Ashingne God makes people Masters of the art of collective perception. The world is in trouble because it is based on false perceptions. People do not care to think if what they are perceiving is positive or negative. Our world lacks this positive energy from it. 

The God of Ashingne trains people to not rely on false collective perceptions. What would humans be doing in this world if they could not choose between good and bad? It is not very much human practice to blindly believe the perceptions set by the ancestors that are not even tested and evaluated. Ashingne God let humans know about their duty of knowing and responsibility of finding out what they are missing out. They have that sense to think about what they should adapt and what can act accordingly to the benefit of society and do likewise. We have this motive of opening people's eyes to what we are doing to this world. Our negative practices are making this world worse. Ashingne practice develops the sense in people to bring out the hidden, to find out the truth, and to change the negative into positive.

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